Why choose an RPA-workshop?

Benefit from our RPA expertise

Find the right process

Are you still unsure which processes in your company are suitable for automation, or do you want to know how we can optimize existing processes with RPA? Together, we can work out the right solutions for you in an RPA-Workshop.

Finde den richtigen RPA Prozess

Get everyone at the table

Complex processes in companies often involve more than just one team. In the stressful day-to-day business, it is often difficult to get everyone on board in the best possible way. Use the RPA-Workshop as an opportunity to bring everyone together in one place and make decisions together with the help of our experience.

Bringe alle an einem Tisch und wir halten einen Workshop an

Build your in-house RPA team

As a full-service provider, we are happy to implement all your automation solutions for you. If you would like to set up your own RPA team, we can support you with our many years of development experience from over 200 processes to provide you with the best possible support.

Baue ein inhouse RPA Team auf
RPA Workshop

Popular RPA-Workshops

Identification. Identify the right RPA Processes for your RPA-Workshop

Together, we identify suitable
processes & potentials. 
We show you how to organize process management and achieve success. 

Development. We support you in developing RPA-Processes

As part of our training courses, we pass on our many years of development experience, so that you have the opportunity to improve.

Build. We help build your own in-house RPA team.

We help you to build your own in-house RPA team. Benefit from our many years of experience from over 200 successful processes.

Components of the RPA-Workshop


The first step is to discuss your expectations and objectives so that we can offer you the best possible RPA-Workshop. Whether you want to find or optimize processes, expand your RPA skills or build your own in-house RPA team. We respond individually to your wishes and ideas so that you can get the maximum added value from the RPA-Workshop.


Once the objective is clear, the RPA-Workshop can take place. Whether in person at your premises, digitally via a video call or in our offices is entirely up to you. In addition to our expertise from over 200 successful RPA processes, we are also happy to share our experience in the form of training days, individual exercises or suitable software introductions.


We also support you for future challenges. If required, we can offer you various support services following the RPA-Workshop to help you on your way. We can give you direct help with the optimization or introduction of planned processes, or are also available to answer general questions.

Optional: License purchase

If you decide to set up your own in-house RPA team or optimize your existing processes with internal resources, we can help you with RPA licenses. As a partner of UiPath, you have the opportunity to obtain the appropriate licenses directly from us.

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