Implementation models and costs in detail

Overview of our solution models

as a Service (RaaS)

You would like to automate manual and repetitive processes, but are afraid of the big investments? Then opt for our Robotics as a Service variant, where you hire a digital employee whom you only pay when he works for you.

Center of
Excellence (CoE)

You want to build your own RPA team, but have little to no experience with process automation? Then opt for the CoE variant, in which we support you in setting up your own centre of excellence.


You lack experience and knowledge in the field of RPA? We offer Upskilling Workshops for various topics, such as building up an RPA team, process management or development. Here we share helpful tips & tricks.


None of the previous solutions fits what you are looking for? No problem! With our hybrid approach, we offer you a modular solution that you can design according to your needs. Find out which modules we offer below!

Robotics as a Service (RaaS)

An overview of the costs for ongoing operation and support:


per month
  • 15h included*
  • 2h Support included


per month
  • 50h included*
  • 4h Support included


per month
  • 100h included*
  • 6h Support included


On request  
  • Unlimited hours included*
  • 8h Support included

Process Setup / Onboarding

Individual price
  • Individual process analysis and consulting
  • Process setup for development
  • Proof of Concept
  • Development
  • Test
* Automated processes are on average 80% faster than human interaction (depending on use case and speed of software/hardware)

Automate processes according to your needs

You need a robot that conscientiously takes over your manual tasks? But you don’t want to take care of the operation, development or maintenance? Then the Robotics as a Service (RaaS) solution is just right for you! How does it work? Together, we analyse which processes can be automated and define the individual process steps. Then we set up the infrastructure, our software developers model your individual robot and put it into operation. Our project managers extensively test the process before it goes live so that everything runs smoothly. We also offer extensive support beyond that, which includes, for example, change requests. Your advantage? There are only costs for implementation and actual use after hours.

Setup the infrastructure for our Robotics as a Service solution

Depending on the process, the infrastructure of our Robotics as a Service solution is structured differently. On the one hand, it is possible to install all software components on our ISO-certified data centre, so that no access to your company’s network is required. Alternatively, the components can be split up so that the studio and the robot are installed on a Windows machine in your company’s network. This is particularly useful if local applications, files and documents are processed in the processes. In this case, the data does not leave the company!

Centre of Excellence (CoE)

Build your own RPA team

If you wish to set up your own Centre of Excellence, we will also support you! We advise you on all aspects of software solutions, technical requirements and process characteristics. In addition, we take care of training and education to prepare you and your employees optimally for the requirements. As a silver partner of UiPath, you can purchase the licences directly from us and we will support you in setting up the appropriate infrastructure and system landscape. Continuous support is a matter of course for us!

Setup the infrastructure for a Centre of Excellence

To set up a Centre of Excellence, the necessary UiPath software licences can be obtained from us. The different components (Studio, Robot and Orchestrator) are installed on a Windows machine that is provided in your company’s network. The Orchestrator also needs access to a database in which relevant information (such as start and end times of the robots or error logs of the robots) can be stored and retrieved. We support you with our expertise and experience throughout the entire RPA journey.

Upskilling Workshop

Sharing profound knowledge and many years of experience

Does your company already have its own RPA competence centre, but are you facing specific challenges, for example in analysing and identifying suitable processes or developing software robots? Exactly for these needs, we offer our Upskilling Workshops. Here we share our many years of experience and in-depth knowledge and accompany you on your RPA journey! Topic for the workshop? You decide! In previous workshops, we have already been able to teach companies how to optimise existing competence centres, build up their own RPA teams, promote bottom-up innovation within the organisation and handle process management and development in general. Your topic is not (yet) included? Then simply contact us directly and together we will see if we can support you.

The development is an important part of RPA. We pass on our many years of development experience to you in training courses and tutorials. Within the UiPath environment, we develop your first processes together, talk about helpful lessons learned and share our tips & tricks.
Building an RPA team
With the help of an Upskilling Workshop, we would like to pass on our experience to you and give you helpful tips and tricks on how to successfully build your own RPA team and centre of excellence. We will turn you and your team into experts in the field and pave the way for a successful future!
Process management
You have issues identifying suitable processes and don't really know where to start in your company? We are happy to help you. Together we will work out criteria that you can use to identify possible potentials. In addition, we will analyse your business processes together!

Hybrid solution

Modular components for your individual needs

You don’t want to set up your own RPA competence centre and the Robotics as a Service variant isn’t what you’re looking for either? No problem! With our hybrid approach, we offer you a modular solution for your individual needs. You decide with which expertise or applications we support you. The following modules are available:

Process consulting

Do you need support in analysing and identifying suitable processes? Our process consultants will be happy to support you!


The development of robots is the heart of RPA and often also the biggest challenge. We are happy to support with our expertise!

Upskilling Workshop

In an Upskilling Workshop, we share our many years of experience and in-depth know-how so that you can hit the ground running!

Software licenses

As a silver partner of UiPath, you can easily obtain the software licences from us. We are happy to help you set up everything!


Do you need support setting up the infrastructure? We can support you and share our expertise and experience.


We also offer general support as a single module – whether it’s maintenance or adjustments to robots, you decide how we can support you.