Robotic Process

Automate and optimize processes

What is robotic process automation?

Relieve employees, increase efficiency and reduce costs

Automate manual and time-consuming processes

Unlike the physical robots used in industrial production, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) does not use machines, but software robots that imitate human work steps and automate manual processes.

As virtual employees, our individually developed software robots can carry out time-consuming tasks, such as processing invoices, creating contracts or transferring data, independently. They need specific instructions once, such as: “Open the Excel file. If a cross is placed in the first row, copy the number from column F into the booking mask.”

Redesigning work processes and developing potential

In principle, the software robots work in the same way as employees and process data according to predefined rules, structures and logics. They usually use the user interface (GUI) without causing any disruption to the underlying systems.

Virtual employees are particularly suitable for rule-based and repetitive processes. RPA enables companies to address many problems simultaneously and drive digital change. When handling the processes, our robots eliminate any risk of error and perform the tasks exceptionally quickly. In addition, the solution is implemented cost-effectively in the shortest possible time.

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Functions and areas of application

What a virtual employee can work with

Our virtual employees imitate human work steps and work via the user interface. They can therefore handle a wide range of tools and documents and are not restricted to individual applications or data types. You can also work with individually developed applications.

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Our software robots can operate any Internet browser to perform various tasks. These include Google Chrome (recommended), Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge. This means they can also work with all web-based programs and systems.

Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, SharePoint and Teams are common applications used by our virtual employees.

As our individual software robots work via the user interface (GUI), they can handle various ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle or Microsoft.

Processes involving CRM programs such as Salesforce, HubSpot or SugarCRM can also be easily optimized and automated.

Companies often work with a variety of documents and file formats, such as csv, xml or pdf. Our software robots can easily understand, extract and process data from documents such as invoices or cover letters.

Our software robots can also use messenger services such as WhatsApp to transmit information to stakeholders.

And last but not least, virtual employees can also interact with databases.

What a virtual employee can work with

Our software robots can handle many applications, systems and file formats, but the RPA technology behind them also reaches its limits. This is because there are also some tasks that our virtual employees cannot perform independently and that require human support.

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Some websites use captcha codes to avoid the use of software robots on their website. As captcha codes generally require human intelligence, the robots cannot process them (for the time being).

If a login requires a TAN entry with a physical device, the software robots cannot proceed and human interaction is required. However, if the code is sent by SMS, the robots can process it.

Our software robots are not physical, so all documents and relevant data must be available in digital form. You cannot process paper that is only physically present.

  • Use Cases

    Rund 50 Prozent ihrer Arbeitszeit wenden Sales-Mitarbeiter*innen für administrative Tätigkeiten auf. Prioritäten werden damit falsch gesetzt. Die Kund*innen sollten im Fokus stehen. Während der Software-Roboter repetitive Aufgaben übernimmt, kannst Du diese Zeit effektiv nutzen, um Dich auf die Leadgenerierung und Kundenbindung zu konzentrieren.

  • Use Cases
    Bei allen administrativen Aufgaben, die in einer Personalabteilung anfallen, liegt der Fokus hier nicht mehr auf dem Wesentlichen: den Mitarbeiter*innen, der Unternehmenskultur und -strategie. Mit der Übernahme von manuellen Tätigkeiten schafft ein Software-Roboter wieder Freiräume für zukunftsrelevante und wertschaffende Aufgaben.
  • Use Cases

    Die Handhabung von unzähligen numerischen Daten erfordert maximale Genauigkeit. Du wirst überrascht sein, wie akribisch und schnell unsere Software-Roboter die repetitiven Aufgaben in der Buchhaltung übernehmen und abarbeiten. Reduziere die Fehlerquote und schaffe mehr Transparenz, Geschäfts-Resilienz und Exaktheit.

    How you benefit from RPA

    Exploiting the benefits of technology

    By introducing a robotic process automation solution, you are paving the way for digital change. There are many advantages in the operational business process, which, among other things, increase future viability, innovation and competitiveness.

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    Software robots can handle processes up to 95% faster than human employees thanks to their non-stop availability. By eliminating monotonous and time-consuming work, employee productivity is increased and operational efficiency is maximized.

    By running administrative processes without human intervention, the risk of errors is reduced to a minimum. Our software robots are programmed in such a way that they make no mistakes and also work consistently and in accordance with the rules.

    Non-monetary benefits also show how valuable RPA is. Our software robots can process customer inquiries in real time and offer a fast and flexible service. Better customer service increases customer retention, loyalty and satisfaction.

    Enormous cost savings can be achieved by automating business processes. With robotic process automation, cost efficiency and compliance are no longer operating costs, but a by-product of process automation.

    A virtual colleague relieves employees by freeing them from repetitive and tedious routine tasks. This reduces overtime and the enormous work pressure and noticeably increases employee satisfaction and motivation.

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