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Who doesn’t know these monotonous, time-consuming and repetitive tasks that are exhausting and not enjoyable to work on? Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can be a solution and lighten the workload enormously. Contrary to what you probably imagine, robot-controlled does not refer to a machine robot that sits in front of a computer and works. It is rather a software robot that automatically handles and executes various business processes.

After an initial training phase, the so-called virtual employees can take over routine tasks on a daily basis and thus create more time for value-adding, creative and innovative tasks. The software robots are universally applicable and are used by customers from a wide range of departments and industries.

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With our innovative products, you can achieve efficient business process management in no time and continuously improve your workflows. Our core solution focuses specifically on the automation and optimisation of manual business processes. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) uses software robots that imitate time-consuming work steps and thus relieve employees.

But our range of solutions goes far beyond the standardised process automation. In combination with artificial intelligence (AI), we enable the automation of complex and cognitive workflows as part of intelligent document processing, or IDP in short, so that even unstructured and complex documents can be processed. In addition, our data science solution helps you to make sense of process data and present it visually in modern dashboards.

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